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Whiteguides – The best alternative to the ski school
Whiteguides is a cooperation of ski instructors, ski guides and mountain guides. Here you can find your exclusive partner and coach for skiing on piste and off piste. From the first day on all the mediated professionals will build up a relationship for the future. Nothing is more valuable than to have someone who you know and who can realize your dreams. The goal is that all the lessons and guided tours feel like being with your best friends and having one of those rare incredible days.

The highest qualification is guaranteed – Voted lessons on you
All the mediated professionals of these booking platform have the highest qualification as instructor and guide. They can completely customize their program to their guests and their ability. You tell them what you wanna learn and the mediated professionals choose from their complete program the right exercises and hints. You benefit down the line. For all mediated professionals is skiing the passion in their life. They have the attitude to combine being excellent skiers and successful instructors. Skiing is everything in their lives and they wanna show you why they love this sport.

Safety first
All mediated professional of these booking platform know their resort and their terrain. They leave nothing to chance. Weather, avalanche report, snow profile, scheduling and itinerary planning are processed daily by all guides. And every one of the guests goes off piste skiing only with the full safty equipment.



Choose your professional and contact him directly. He will be responsible for you from the first inquiry. He explain you everything around the skiing lessons, the guiding, the risks, the terms of conditions and the costs.


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